The Works of JASON OURS – (NSFW!)

Online – HorrorHound – Fangoria – GoreZone

List of Published Works / Accomplishments



Magazine-Published Works

Horrorhound #41 –  ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’

Fangoria #326 – ‘The Many Legs of Laurence R. Harvey’

GoreZone #29 – ‘Yoshihiro Nishimura – King of J-Splat’

GoreZone #30 – ‘Fred Vogel – King of the Underground’ (Cover Story)

GoreZone #30 – Fred Vogel Interview

GoreZone #31 – GUINEA PIG Retrospect (Cover Story)

GoreZone #33 – Men Behind the Sun: Exploitation or Education?

GoreZone #34 – SALO Retrospect

GoreZone #35 – American Guinea Pig Cast/Crew Interview



Upcoming GoreZone – Jimmy ScreamerClauz Article


BrundleFly’s Cinema Holocaust (FromDuskTillCon)
(Note – all these can be found hosted here on CinemaHolocaust too, on the front page)

Martyrs.  (Views to date: 1,559)

Serbian Film.  (Views to date: 1,986)

[REC]2.  (Views to date: 1,358)

Hobo with a Shotgun.  (Views to date: 1,581)

Salo: The 120 Days of Sodom.  (Views to date: 1,833)

Human Centipede 2.  (Views to date: 2,694)

Cannibal Holocaust.  (Views to date: 1,393)

August Underground Trilogy + Director Interview.  (Views to date: 2,524)

Where the Dead go to Die + Director Interview.   (Views to date: 1,416)

Cold Fish.  (Views to date: 1,024)

Gaspar Noe Career Retrospect.  (Views to date: 1,241)

Kaleidoscopic View of Extremity in Film + Multiple Interviews.   (Views to date: 1,461)

Antiviral.   (Views to date: 929)

Red Room 1+2.  (Views to date: 1,183)


Strange Music – 150+ Published Blog Articles + Editorials

(Selected Works (Six million+ views each))

Editorial – Who is Brian Dennis: A Fan’s Perspective.

Fan Feature – Music as a Tool.

Editorial – Whom to Expect on ‘Welcome to Strangeland.

Fan Feature – US Army Soldier Speaks on Recent USO Show.


Cinema Holocaust (.com) Entries

Battle Royale.

Oldboy: Then and Now.

Laurence R. Harvey Fangoria Interview (Reprint).

Gregory Lamberson: The Man, The Myth, The Maniac (+ interview).


Traumatic Cinematic (.com) Entries

Trifecta of Death – The Short Films of Nacho Cerda



Convention Panel Moderation

The Devil’s Rejects cast panel
with Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Leslie Esterbrook, and Michael Berryman.
Days of the Dead 2012, Chicago.

Men behind the Mask panel
with Tony Todd, Tyler Mane, and Derek Mears.
Days of the Dead 2013, Indianapolis.

Cabin Fever cast panel
with Joey Kern, Jordan Ladd, and Cerina Vincent.
Days of the Dead 2013, Indianapolis.

The Blair Witch Project cast panel
with Heather Donahue, and Michael Willams.
Days of the Dead 2013, Chicago.



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